Meet Virginia

Hi. I’m a trainer, a Pilates Instructor, a wife, a mother and a lover of beaches.

I love vegetables and I believe in exercising in a way that makes my heart sing.

I am a sun worshipper, an early riser, a bookworm, & addicted to coconut.

I am a part time hippy and a collector of shells.

I am upfront. I am brutally honest. And I am a friend.

Behind me is a Diploma in Fitness with provides a strong foundation of knowledge in what I do. I have a passion for helping my gorgeous clients become the best version of themselves and I love it.


Meet the new you

Your first step in becoming the best version of you is loving yourself the way you are right now. You are short. Tall. Skinny. Wobbly. Unfit. But you are worth your strength and deserve balance, health and wellbeing.

You are special, amazing, valuable and lovable and you have made the right decision by being here right now, reading this and ready for change.

I will help you.

I will do this in a way where you look smoking on the outside but are the best you’ve ever been on the inside.

When you look at yourself through loving eyes you will naturally want to nourish, nurture and cherish the skin you are in. If you are kind to yourself and use positive self talk Tone & Burn will guide you on your mission to find health and balance.

Meet us, together

Together you and I will banish your anxiety about food & help you ignore the mixed messages about the “ideal diet”.

We will find a way to exercise that makes your heart sing.

We will make time for rest and recovery to nurture your soul.

We will naturally ease into a state of energy, happiness, health and vibrancy.

You are wonderful and deserve to be healthy.

Let’s enjoy our journey.

Love Me